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Pre Tryout Combine


Tryouts are fast approaching, if you're looking to secure that roster spot and shine in front of the coaches, The Cube Training Center will make sure you're in top condition. 

Tryouts can be a nerve recking time of the year for many players, even to those that have been skating and training all off season, and we are here to help our athletes achieve their dreams, with our Pre Tryout Combine

Accelerate your development today!

Combine Details

Our Pre Tryout Combine will be held over 3 weeks combining both off ice and on ice training, focusing on each players development in the following area's:

Stride extension and explosiveness
Conditioning and endurance
Muscle development and management
Shooting techniques and power 
Training management (each player will be assigned at home workouts throughout the combine)
Recovery (each player will be taught about managing their own health and taking proper care of their bodies)


The Pre Tryout Combine is open to all ages and birth years, all groups will be split by age. There is limited space in the Pre Tryout Combine to ensure all athletes are given the appropriate attention.

Limited to the first 10 athletes

Pre Tryout Combine Dates Pre Tryout Combine Times Location
August 2nd, 9th, 16th (Tuesday's) 6:00-7:15PM The Cube Training Center, Frankfort, IL
August 4th, 11th, 18th (Thursday's) 6:15-7:30PM The Cube Training Center, Frankfort, IL

Off Ice Focus

We provide a high-intensity on-ice & off-ice curriculum, implemented each day by our professional staff. Our on-ice training focuses on speed, intensity, puck movement, small area games, battles, and competitions. Our focus is on the development of hockey-specific strength and conditioning. Training will focus on the proper technique and execution of the exercises and drills necessary to develop the athletes’ core muscle groups through the use of resistance training and conditioning. The goal is to develop all eight fitness abilities that will take the athlete to the next level- endurance, strength, power, coordination, speed, agility, balance, and flexibility. Training will focus on shooting strength, technique and accuracy, stickhandling, slideboard stride power and development, and first step quickness. In addition to skills, developing the athlete’s awareness of their body in space as they grow through low-intensity, body-weighted, functional movement in association with the seven primal movement patterns; squat, lunge, push, pull, twist, bend, and gait.

On Ice (Synthetic) Focus

On Ice will focus on every skill area or certain points of emphasis. Slide-Boards: works on players skating stride, form and power. Synthetic-Ice: continues to work on a players stride, but focuses even more on the explosiveness of their first few steps. Shooting Rink: are used to work on players shot quickness, power, and accuracy. Stick-Handling Area: is designed to work on all aspects of player’s puck control, including passing and puck handling. Also our bungee, and stride machines will provide a players the endurance and muscle building needed to stay in the game longer and become faster.